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The Technology Behind Sensation Therapy

Inhaling cigarette smoke releases hormones that go together with a state of well-being. Because of its similarity to acetylcholine, nicotine binds to acetylcholine receptors, causing the release of substances such as dopamine, serotonin, noradrenalin and endorphins. Nicotine interferes with the metabolic control of dopamine, leading to, among other effects, the rewarding feeling associated with smoking.

If the body gets no nicotine, endorphin levels become too low, causing withdrawal symptoms such as agitation, irritability, apathy, tension, depression and sleep disorders.

With the help of the laser light treatment, the natural production of endorphins becomes stimulated. The endorphins will then produce other substances that give one a feeling of relaxation and stability. The need for nicotine is compensated by an increased level of endorphins. With the laser therapy, psychological symptoms associated with smoking cessation are greatly reduced.

The treatment is pain-free, and even enjoyable. The only prerequisite is the desire to become a non-smoker.